Mariah Cloke here, founder and CEO of YOURS Extensions. My journey started when I was 16, when I got my first set of clip-ins and rocked them at my school dance. I have been obsessed with hair and hair extensions ever since. My career behind the chair started when I went to cosmetology school, learned the basics and was sent into the wide world of hair. I can still remember the feeling of being overwhelmed, anxious, and wanting to simply be the best. My array of services was vast, I was taking men’s haircut after men’s haircut hoping to have some income roll in. I survived off of vending machine food, siphoned gas from my lawn mower, and bounced from salon to salon hoping to get my “big break”...

I knew I had the passion for hair. I had the talent. I had the skill set. I just couldn’t figure out why I was not seeing the results in the bank. I was working hard. Working every single day of the week for 12 hours straight sometimes, and still was not breaking the surface of “success.”

I tried and failed 5 times. On my 6th time, I told myself this was it - if I did not succeed this time, I would give up hair forever. I put my EVERYTHING into my career. I no longer would accept what I “could not change”... I went and changed that sh*t. I applied a business oriented approach to hair, something I had to learn on my own - from YouTube, podcasts, books, friends. What they don’t teach you in cosmetology school is how to build a brand, market your business, find your target market… the list goes on and on. It took years to develop my business strategies and apply them to hairdressing, but what would happen next was monumental for me, a struggling stylist. 

I began to see the rewards. New clients, new opportunities! My brand was attracting my target clientele, and I was able to offer the services I dreamed about, and the services that my target market was searching all over to find. I soon became a blonding and extension specialist that clients traveled 4+ hours to see. I built my social media following and I showed my work to the world.  



Through my journey to success, I took several extension courses, I received 6 extension certifications, and tried many different types of hair. I noticed where other methods and other hair companies fell short and started to think about what I could do to make things better. Something was missing in the industry, and I knew I was that bitch to bring it to life.

This is how YOURS Extensions was born! I developed a tried and true extension install method, The Veil Bead Method. I created a line of luxury extensions and a new type of weft, The Vanish Weft. After years of research I was able to provide THE method and THE hair to live up to red carpet expectations. The Veil Bead Method coupled with the Vanish Weft is the most discreet, no bead shown method that suits any and all hair types. The hair lays completely flat to the head, the method is extremely efficient for stylists, and clients LOVE the versatility of the hair, allowing any hairstyle to be worn.

Currently, we have over 100 stylists that have learned or are actively learning the Veil Bead Method. We have YOURS Extensions Vanish Wefts installed on clients all over the US and across the globe. We just opened the YOURS Extensions Salon + HQ in Longview, Washington where we specialize in extension installation and is home to the YOURS inventory. We are growing more and more each day, and cannot wait to see what the future holds! 

After the creation and development of my extension company, I began my role as an educator. I grew my following on social media platforms to 35k+ after providing free tips and tricks to help grow clientele, make more money behind the chair, and level up! I tour the country educating stylists in the Veil Bead Method and 6 Figure Business Education, as well as perform my digital role as a Virtual Business Coach and Mentor. 

I am grateful for the immense power of social media. I am able to connect with stylists all over the world, and I get to be a part of the journey to their success. My passion is education and the feedback from stylists makes all the hard work worth it.

So what's next? Maybe a podcast... Maybe a show...Maybe a book?! Stay tuned for my next big move.  

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